In the spirit of its heritage as a premier institution in the state of Jammu & Kashmir, the University of Kashmir remains committed not only to create opportunities for higher education for students of the world in general and Kashmir in particular but to form a community build upon the valued relationships among its stakeholders, students, faculty, staff and alumni. With six campuses and many academic and professional colleges across the state, the university approaches its mission with commitment to par excellence and an all inclusive ethical policy governed by the following five interdependent core values;

Excellence: The University is committed to ensure excellence by achieving high quality outcomes in all its endeavours through the continuous process of introspection, analysis and innovation.
Learning: The University encourages students to pursue education as a means of liberating them to live purposeful lives as well as a descent living. Learning, so that a student is prepared for life time success.
Collaboration: The University promotes relationship between its various stakeholders- students, faculty, staff, alumni, industry, government, regulatory bodies by recognizing team work, participation and diversity of ideas and perspectives so that all members of the community works for the attainment of its institutional goals.
Integrity: The University community acts with dignity and honesty in order to maintain coherence between words and acts. So that a culture of trust is reflected in all activities of the University.
Diversity and Inclusivity: The University promotes a diverse and inclusive campus environment that fosters creativity and innovation. The University fundamentally affirms and embraces the multiple identities, values, belief systems and cultural practices of its stakeholders. Thus, the philosophy of diversity and inclusiveness is integrated in to the work and lives of every members of the University community.